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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

What kind of palm oil do you offer?

DAABON UK supplies certified sustainable, fully traceable, identity preserved palm oil. All our palm oil is produced responsibly in Northern Colombia. We offer a wide variety of off the shelf and bespoke palm oil solutions, with fractions and blends to suit a full range of applications.

Which palm oil sustainability accreditations do you hold?

All our farms, mills and other facilities are accredited by RSPO, POIG and the Rainforest Alliance. We also hold accreditations from a number of other accrediting bodies, including Vegetarian Society, NEODA, ECO CERT and Soil Association Organic.

Do you offer organic palm oil?

Yes, all the palm oil we sell is organic, and we are accredited by the Soil Association.

Do you offer RSPO certified sustainable palm oil?

Yes, all the palm oil we sell is RSPO certified sustainable.

Do you offer identity preserved palm oil?

Yes, we offer a full range of RSPO certified sustainable identity preserved palm oil, fully traceable right back to the farms in Northern Colombia.

Does DAABON UK have any other sustainability policies?

DAABON is a global leader in sustainable agriculture, with world-leading policies on sustainability designed to benefit people, wildlife and the planet. We have a zero deforestation policy, and actively work to protect biodiversity on our land. We treat the land with respect, and have a zero peat and zero fire policy.

We produce our own compost as part of our circular economy, and reuse virtually every kilo of waste we generate. Our methane capture and control project is approved by the UN under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

We empower communities through our smallholder programme, which supports more than 500 families in Northern Colombia, and have a zero land grab policy.

DAABON is a signatory of the Climate Pledge. Our palm oil operations are Net Zero carbon emissions (we export clean energy to the Colombian national grid), and we are on track to achieve full Net Zero across our global operations by 2025.

Further information about our sustainability policies can be found at

What else do you offer other than palm oil?

We also produce bananas, cocoa, coffee, Haas avocados and limes. All our products are organic and produced sustainably.

For further information, contact us at


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