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Who We Are

Family Business

DAABON UK LTD. is focused on bringing responsibly produced products to the UK market such as palm oil, bananas, avocados, coffee and limes. We are part of the DAABON Group, a family-owned multinational business committed to producing the highest quality agricultural products in a way that does right by people and the environment.

DAABON Group was founded in 1914 and is headquartered in Santa Marta, Colombia. The group employs more than 2,500 people and has offices on 5 continents.


DAABON UK LTD. main office is located in the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, from which it offers direct customer service to the client base in the UK and Ireland and manages the logistics for our storage facilities in the country.

DAABON advocates that another way to produce palm oil for the greater good is possible.


Davila Abondano Family 

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From Soil to Market

Because we’re vertically integrated, we own the entire supply chain for our palm and banana plantations, which means we can guarantee our customers and their consumers a top-quality, responsible product that is fully transparent, because you can trace it to its source.

“DAABON has a very straightforward integration. This is a vertical integration of complementary companies."

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Our Land

Our Palm oil plantation land has almost solely been used for agriculture. The region has developed on the back of cattle rearing and various crops, including corn, rice, cotton and bananas back in the early 1900’s when most of the land was owned by the US-based United Fruit Company.


Oil palm sold by DAABON is grown on two types of land – company/family-owned and smallholder owned. The group has adopted 13-steps due diligence process that goes right back to the source. Until we are 100% sure that we can guarantee that, no land will be accepted as suitable to grow a product that would enter our supply chain.

Our banana plantations are solely owned by the family today and they account for about 860 hectares.


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Our Farmers

Besides our own agricultural state, we work with small-holders’ growers. We share our expertise and help them to reach international markets. All the small-holders in our supply chain obtain purchase price differential (premium), preferential payment terms and technical assistance. 

“We must take care of what we have and care for nature. Nature is life.” 

 Manuel Torres- DAABON partner farmer

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Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team are highly skilled professionals who specialise in a wide array of fields including agriculture, production, trading, quality and logistics.

Our company offers single-origin Colombian ingredients that mean many things for the manufacturers and consumers of today: quality, transparency, commitment to the environment and the local communities, biodiversity protection, dedication to employees, and genuine care for the customer. 

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Our Process

Palm - Our vertically integrated process begins at the farm level and continues to our crude oil extraction mill and our state-of-the-art refinery, with unique systems in place that control quality and freshness during each step.

Our entire supply chain is accredited by RSPO, POIG and the Rainforest Alliance, amongst many other accrediting bodies. So, as well as constantly monitoring ourselves, we are being monitored and assessed continuously by numerous independent international bodies. 

Banana - Equally our banana estates are fully integrated and dedicated to the production of Organic and Rainforest Alliance accredited bananas.  Our packing facilities are managed by a group of women who are part of our Women Empowerment Program that strives for gender equality.


“We are committed to a better future, a responsible future.”

Our Customers

We focus on cultivating long-term business relationships built on service, quality, reliability and trust.

Our client base ranges from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations in various industries including food manufacturing, ingredient suppliers, food service, soap manufacturing, brand owners feed compounds, fruit ripening facilities and retailers among others. 

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Our Services

DAABON UK LTD. offers a wide variety of palm base ingredients with the highest standards of sustainability. 

Palm - Our office uses the extensive shipping network from Colombia into the UK to distribute directly or via the warehouse network throughout the country.

We offer various packaging options to meet all customer requirements:

• Boxes • Drums • IBC’s 

• ISOtanks • Flexitanks

Bananas - We offer 18kg box loose fruit or fingers-bagged pre-pack in origin.

Limes -  Loose or pre-pack.

“We look forward to partnering with you and making a difference."

Astrid Duque - DAABON UK LTD

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