From Soil to Market

A Versatile

& Efficient Ingredient

  • Palm Oil is one of the most widely consumed vegetable oil in the planet.  


  • It is present in nearly 50% of all the packaged products we use.

  • Palm oil is an efficient crop, producing more oil per land area than any other equivalent vegetable oil crop. Globally, palm oil supplies 35% of the world’s vegetable oil demand on just 10% of the land. To get the same amount of alternative oils like soya bean or coconut oil you would need anything between 4 and 10 times more land, which would just shift the problem to other parts of the world and threaten other habitats and species. 


Palm Base Products

RSPO (SG/IP) - Rainforest Alliance - POIG

Daabon offers a wide variety of palm based off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions with the highest standards of sustainability

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Our Network

DAABON uses the extensive shipping network from Colombia into the UK to bring palm oil ingredients and distribute directly or via wholesalers.

• We offer various packaging options to meet all customer requirements:

Bulk, Boxes, Drums, IBC’s, ISOtanks, Flexitanks, Bags.

• We produce DAABON own brand or contract manufacturing.

• For product specifications or bespoke solutions, contact us

"We look forward to partnering with you and making a difference."

Astrid Duque - DAABON UK LTD

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Cultivating Relationships


DAABON Group is a specialist in value-adding palm oil base oil based solutions. We focus on cultivating long-term business relationships built on service, quality, reliability and trust.


Our client base ranges from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations, in various industries including food manufacturing, ingredient suppliers, food service, soap manufacturing, brand owners and animal feed among others.