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DAABON Bananas

More Than Just a Fruit

A Legacy of Quality and Sustainability

DAABON has had organic and sustainable production methods at its core since being formed in 1914, by the Davila Abondano family that still owns it today. Its founder and driving force, Don Alberto Davila Diaz Granados built a business with the ethos that it should not only be profitable for its owners, but also benefit the people and the environment around it.


Based in Santa Marta, in the north-western Caribbean corner of Colombia, nowadays the company is the largest direct agricultural employer in the Magdalena region. But, most importantly, Don Alberto left a legacy of a set of principles his business continues to uphold as a responsible corporate citizen. 


CI Smaria (Subsidary of DAABON) currently farms around 800 ha of organic rain-forest alliance bananas accredited. The plantations are well known to its sustainability credentials and the women empowering projects implemented in the packing facilities and external projects link to the banana business.  


 Empowering Women 

Nurturing Prosperity

At DAABON we prioritise supporting female employees and the communities in which they live. We help them pursue areas of personal interest, with the goal of improving their living standards and those of their communities.

Our core company values of inclusion, respect and equality guide our efforts to empower our female employees and encourage their success on the job.


300 women participated in courses on female well-being and skill development

By educating our female employees, we break the poverty cycle and contribute to positive change. By providing education for their children, we can help nurture successful communities.

70 women work as banana packers to guarantee the high quality of our product

70% are female heads of households

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Main Objectives

  • To improve living conditions by helping women overcome domestic violence and abuse.

  • To support entrepreneurship.

  • To empower our female employees and provide opportunities for women in our local  communities.

  • To provide leadership development opportunities in the workplace.

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Fair Paid System

The banana worker foundation -FLOTRABAN- was created to manage the premium allocated via Fair Trade certification. This income helps the community to leverage significant projects such as  housing, education, sanitation infrastructure for its increase in quality of life and social development.

Supply chain


DAABON supplies the retail sector, ripeners,  and  the food service worldwide.  


Packaging: 13 Kg, 18 Kg, 20 Kg Premium Fruit (loose fruit, bagged in origin, private label)

Our Banana Certifications: Global-Gap, organic, Rainforest Alliance, FairTSA.

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