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Our land has over 100-years history of Agriculture. Land in the Santa Marta region where we mainly operate has almost solely been used for agriculture. The region has developed on the back of cattle rearing and various crops, including corn, rice, cotton and bananas back in the early 1900’s when most of the land was owned by the US-based United Fruit Company.


Oil palm sold by DAABON is grown on two types of land – company/family-owned and smallholder owned. The group has adopted 13-steps due diligence process that goes right back to the source. Until we are 100% sure that we can guarantee that no land will be accepted as suitable to grow a product that would enter our supply chain.


In addition to that, the group has made a commitment to protect and preserve any small tracts of remaining primary and secondary forest in the region. The company considers these areas as great assets, not only because it is the last piece of untouched land (birds, monkeys and 'palm bears' live there), but because it actually contributes to neutralise and protect the proliferation of pests in the crops Natural self-regulation.


“DAABON has ZERO deforestation commitment and a strict policy to protect our home-land and its local habitat.”

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