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DAABON UK Shows the way for sustainable sourcing

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Join Our Journey of Responsible Palm Oil for the Greater Good

2020 commitments related to deforestation have now reached their maturity date. The climate change crisis and its impacts are now in daily focus as environmental issues continue making headlines in both Southeast Asia and other emerging palm oil producing regions. Meanwhile, social issues such as land, labour and human rights conflict have become an increasing concern within the Palm Oil Supply Chain.

But There is Another Way

Here at DAABON, since 1975, we have been delivering palm oil with the highest of sustainability standards. We would like to invite you to watch this short video which tells about who we are and how we can deliver IP or SG RSPO CSPO to your business through our established UK supply chain, including our current product range.

We must take care of what we have and care for nature. Nature is life.

- Manuel Torres, Daabon partner farmer

DAABON supports the Amsterdam Declaration on Deforestation and the Amsterdam Declaration on Sustainable Palm Oil.  

DAABON supports the UK retailers that have made a commitment that 100% of the Palm Oil they source will be SG by January 2021.

Our UK team are here to support you to deliver RSPO IP and SG palm oil to the market today.

Do contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions or send you further information. 

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