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5 Consecutive Years – Ranked #1 by SPOTT

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

DAABON has ranked as #1 in Sustainable Palm Oil for 5 consecutive years. DAABON reiterates its commitment to radical transparency.

SPOTT assesses 99 palm oil producers and traders on the public disclosure of their policies, operations and commitments to environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practice. Each company receives a percentage score as a measure of its transparency in relation to ESG risks. See further explanation of assessment scores here.

What is SPOTT?

SPOTT – Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit – is a free, online platform developed by ZSL (Zoological Society of London), in collaboration with technical advisors to ensure they are closely aligned with related initiatives including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

SPOTT supports sustainable palm oil production and trade. By tracking transparency in over 100 indicators divided across 10 categories. SPOTT incentivises the implementation of best corporate practices.

How Companies are selected?

SPOTT has selected companies for assessment based on the following factors:

  • Operations in priority countries (i.e. in areas of high biodiversity value threatened by commodity production).

  • Scope and scale of operations (e.g. areas of land owned or leased, revenue generated).

  • Nominations by interested stakeholders, or companies volunteering themselves for assessment.

How Companies are assessed:

Companies do not report directly to ZSL to inform their SPOTT assessments. Instead, we conduct thorough reviews of their publicly available reports and publications.  

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