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RSPO - DAABON submits itself to inspection and certification by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and was the first, company worldwide to become certified as an RSPO NEXT organisation.


RSPO NEXT sets additional, even more, rigorous standards for sustainability in palm oil production.


DAABON offers Palm oil RSPO SG and IP.


“Protects forests, ecosystems and communities where palm production occurs; reduces fires and pesticides; supports workers’ rights; consults communities before plantation development.”


Rainforest Alliance - DAABON farms earned Rainforest Alliance certification for their sustainable practices. Their operations meet the rigorous environmental, social, and economic criteria of the Rainforest Alliance certification.


“Focuses on the initiative that helps improve the livelihoods of oil palm farmers, protects natural resources, supports workers’ rights, educates farmers, promotes healthy soil and habitats.”


POIG - In 2013 DAABON partnered with other like-minded leaders, both other corporations and NGOs, to form the Palm Oil Innovation Group. POIG’s members work together to innovate more earth-friendly, society-promoting ways to of producing palm, and to help companies throughout the industry-institute these best practices as they evolve. Because there’s always more we can do.


SPOTT - For the fifth year running, DAABON was judged to be the number-one sustainable palm oil supplier into the UK in 2019, by the SPOTT tool powered by the Zoological Society of London, which looks for radical transparency across the industry and analyses every aspect of sustainability in around 90 global operators in the palm oil industry.

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