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Circular Economy

DAABON operates on the principle of Circular Economy. The vast majority of everything we use is recycled and re-used, having passed through one or other of our integrated processes.


So, from the palm oil plantation, the fruit goes to the extraction facilities where we extract the oil. The surplus water goes to the Clean Development Project and whatever else is left goes to the Composting Plant or Cattle Ranch.


The Clean Development Project produces energy that is pumped back into the plantations and extraction facilities, while the Composting Plant and Cattle Ranch produce fertile soil and manure that is used again in the plantations.


All of these bi-products are also put to good use in the Conservation Areas and help us to maintain the perfect ecological balance in our production processes to enable the local flora and fauna to thrive. It’s a continuous and beautiful circle.


“The first law of ecology is that everything is related to everything”

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