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Colombian Palm Oil

There is Another Way

organic palm nut

The palm nut is a most remarkable fruit and its oil is used in a huge variety of industries throughout the world. DAABON is committed to demonstrate it can be grown sustainably.

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DAABON believes, organic agriculture works in natural harmony with the soil, the environment and its biodiversity, while delivering the healthiest

tastiest food without artificial chemicals or genetic modification

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Who We Are

DAABON is a 100 year old family-owned company which has been growing and producing organic and sustainable crops for more than two generations. We are one of Colombia's largest producers of a wide range of sustainable and high-quality crops and ingredients for many of the products that Britain uses every day.


What We Do

The group is a pioneering company and leader in the production of organic and sustainable agriculture. Our key products are: palm oilbananas, cocoa, coffee, avocados and limes.

Our Promise

“How we produce food affects the health of our environment and the communities where we operate. Food should not be a threat to sustainability, instead it should add value to the entire supply chain and the planet we live in."  


Manuel Davila DAABON Group CEO

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From the soil to the market

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Palm Products


From baking to frying, spreadable to shortenings, Palm Oil is a vital ingredient in countless food and cooking products in every shopping basket, home and kitchen throughout the UK.

“Better Ingredients – delivering more” That is our brand promise. Our definition of “more” goes beyond a promise; it stands for our commitment to add value to the environment, our communities, partners, customers and the future generations.

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In many parts of the world, the palm is not grown sustainably or ethically. This has led to an increasingly negative preception of palm oil and it’s many by-products.

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Palm Base Products


Palm oil is used in baking as an ingredient lubricant, emulsifier, flavour additive and to impart moisture

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Studies have indicated that palm oil functions as an effective stabilizer

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Shortenings are easy to incorporate, reduce mixing times and are suitable for high-speed production processes

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Shortenings are easy to incorporate, reduce mixing times and are suitable for high-speed production processes

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Palm Oil is a cost-effective ingredient in the formulation of compound feed or ration for commercial livestock

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Palm Oil for the Greater Good

There is Another Way

DAABON is committed to “Palm Oil for the greater good”. Our company offers single-origin Colombian ingredients that mean many things for the manufacturers and consumers of today: quality, transparency, commitment to the environment and the local communities, dedication to employees, and genuine care for the customer.

“Our purpose is to transform the Palm Oil industry with business and farming practices that put people and the environment first.”      

Felipe Guerrero Sustainability Director

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Our Commitment

organic palm oil with zero deforestation


Our land has over 100-year 

history of  Agriculture

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organic palm oil biodiversity protection


Our forests are home to over 550 species of birds and mammals

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organic palm oil suppliers with zero peat


We treat our land with respect 

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organic palm oil suppliers with zero land grab


We empower communities 

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Cultivate Collaborate Transform

DAABON are based in the beautiful Santa Marta region, flanked by mountains and rainforest, it is one of the most biodiverse regions in the World. We are proud caretakers of this natural heritage and it defines our commitment to add value to the environment, our communities, partners, customers and to protect this priceless resource for future generations.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, DAABON’s operations are completely deforestation-free. We only farm on land that has been previously cleared, and we never clear or cultivate peatlands, the natural carbon sinks that absorb massive amounts of CO2.


We are a family company, founded on principles of solidarity and responsibility. In 1999 we started "Las Alianzas" (The Alliances), a partnership program for peace and economic prosperity in our farming communities.

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DAABON supports the Amsterdam Declaration on Deforestation and the Amsterdam Declaration on Sustainable Palm Oil.  The group has been working to the highest standards for over 100 years.

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Sustainable supply chains and thriving communities are reshaping perceptions of this controversial ingredient and encouraging much needed transparency

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