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Organic Sustainable Palm Oil – Q&A with Felipe Guerrero (Executive Vice-President, Daabon)

Here at Daabon, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that our business should benefit the environment and the people who inhabit it. That’s why we make a conscious effort to ensure that what we do produces minimal harm to the earth’s natural resources and benefits both present and future generations.

In this short Q and A, Executive Vice-President Felipe Guerrero explores the topic of organic palm oil, looking at what it is, the impact that organic palm oil production has on the land, and the strategies Daabon is implementing to improve conservation.

What is organic palm oil?

Organic palm oil is a philosophy. It is a way of bringing the best of our land without using any chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides.

How much organic palm oil does Daabon produce?

We produce around 30,000 tons of organic palm oil per year.

Are there any downsides to organic palm oil, and how does Daabon address these issues?

More than downsides, we believe we have challenges in order to keep the traditional methods of agriculture and the people in love with the land.

And this has been one of the biggest challenges that we have – people grow older and the newer generations are not as bound to the land as their parents or grandparents.

So, keeping them in their land is very difficult for us and we are always working on making them fall in love and understanding where the love is for the land.

How does organic palm oil benefit the environment?

It does in various ways. We’re not using any chemical pesticides on our land. We’re maintaining soil integrity by using traditional methodology. We’re keeping areas for conservation and we are avoiding any pesticides being in our streams or water systems.

More about organic palm oil

Looking for more information about organic, certified sustainable palm oil from Daabon, and how it can benefit your business?

Get in touch with Daabon UK today via our contact page.

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