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Daabon UK Meets With Colombian President for COP26

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

On our visit to Glasgow for COP26, we were delighted to meet up with the Colombian President, Iván Duque Márquez, Colombian Ambassador in the UK, Antonio Jose Ardila and the British Ambassador to Colombia, Colin Martin-Reynolds, who were visiting our sister company Soapworks!

Soapworks are part of the Daabon family, using our sustainably sourced palm to manufacture an exciting range of toiletries and beauty products – supplying to many of the world’s leading beauty brands.

Alongside representatives from Daabon UK and Daabon Europe, President Duque and the other dignitaries were shown round the factory to see how responsibly sourced Colombian palm oil is being used to improve the sustainability credentials of the beauty industry.

From solid format haircare through to facial cleansing bars – President Duque witnessed first-hand the versatility of certified sustainable palm oil from Daabon and its use in creating products that not only work, but are kinder to the planet.

New Manufacturing Methods to Drive Product Development

Following the tour, the President cut the ribbon on new manufacturing and packaging machinery that the Daabon group have recently purchased. This investment will enable Soapworks to expand production, innovate new sustainable products and provide 100% plastic free and recyclable packaging for customers across the globe.

Stronger Together – Working Towards Shared Goals

The visit concluded with a presentation about Soapworks and its vertically integrated supply chain – showcasing the traceability and sustainability of our Colombian palm oil, and its journey from farm to finished bar. The day was a great reminder that despite being oceans apart, we remain united by the same sustainable goals as we work together to promote sustainable agriculture and create innovative and ethical products.

Going “Back to Bar” For a Sustainable Future

Soapworks’ investment in new machinery is part of a wider campaign to improve the sustainability of the beauty industry, supporting the growing trend of “going back to bar” – switching from liquid toiletries to solid format to eliminate unnecessary plastic and cut waste.

They’ve already demonstrated this through the creation of “Coastal Shores” – a sustainable soap inspired by the essence of the Scottish coastline to celebrate and promote the goals of COP26.

In addition being vegan, organic and made from our 100% sustainable palm oil it was also packed in FSC approved, biodegradable and recyclable packaging, serving as a practical symbol of the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Find out More

We’re proud to have Soapworks as part of the Daabon group, and look forward to seeing how they use our palm oil to create innovative products that inspire positive change.

For more information about organic, certified sustainable palm oil or to find out how Daabon can benefit your business – get in touch with Daabon UK today via our contact page.


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