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Countdown to COP26 - Using Sustainable Palm to Protect People and Places

In this next installation of our three-part blog series (check out the first part here – 'Countdown to COP26 – Net Zero Emissions and Zero Deforestation'), we take a look at the second COP26 goal - “Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats” – explaining why it is significant, and the steps we’re taking to support it.

At DAABON UK are committed to producing crops in a way that causes minimal harm to the environment and benefits the local community. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and we are continually striving to find new, innovative ways to operate that further minimises our impact on the planet.

Time is Running Out for Vulnerable Communities

All across the globe, people are already battling extreme weather.

This is especially true for vulnerable communities, such as the rural and urban poor, whose communities have limited capacity to adapt due to their economic status. Despite having done the least to cause it, it is these people who are hit hardest by climate change.

Their plight is exacerbated by climate change: as temperatures continue to rise, their situations worsen. Their struggle to earn a living, feed their families and create stable homes is made more difficult as climate change continues to alter their surrounding landscape through increasingly frequent events such as hurricanes, wildfires and droughts.

This second goal of COP26 emphasises the need for international communities to band together to encourage countries affected to protect and restore ecosystems, build defences, implement warning systems and increase their infrastructure and agriculture’s resilience.

DAABON UK – Committed to Zero-Deforestation and Biodiversity

We respect the land we cultivate, and actively protect the trees and wildlife that are part of it through our zero-deforestation policy.

We also acknowledge the pivotal role wildlife plays in the maintaining the land and the food supply chain.

Our forests are based in some of the most biodiverse regions in the world and are home to over 400 birds and approximately 150 mammals, so we do as much as possible to sustain its natural richness and protect their habitat. Similarly, where our plantations border waterways, we maintain buffer zones of a minimum of 30 metres and have set aside or restored more than 10% of our land to create wildlife corridors – allowing animals to roam through our plantations undisturbed.

Using Palm Oil for the Greater Good

At Daabon, we are conscious of the need to operate in an environmentally-aware way, and are extremely proud of the promises we have made not only to the land we use – but the communities tied to it.

Through implementing our sustainable policies such as Biodiversity Protection, Zero Deforestation and Zero Land Grab, we are doing everything we can to protect the natural environment and support the lives of local communities in line with the COP26 goals.

These include preventing the loss of flora and fauna within our areas of operation, preserving small tracts of remaining primary and secondary forest in the region and taking active steps to empower our communities by being against land grabbing and displacement.

Smallholder Programme

We’re also helping more than 500 family farmers in Norther Colombia through Alliances For Peace - our smallholder programme.

After being displaced by conflict, we’ve helped these families to return to the region, and are providing opportunities to build a livelihood in the region by growing sustainable palm and cocoa.

In addition to technical support to ensure they can develop and implement sustainable practices, we also offer favourable credit terms to ensure they can thrive. The programme is independently monitored through the Fairtrade and RSPO programmes to ensure that it’s delivering better lives for people in our region.

Find Out More

The need for change has never been so urgent, and the four goals presented by COP26 offer a real opportunity for the world to address the challenges of climate change and begin to make a real difference.

We look forward to continuing our own actions of sustainability, and seeing the positive changes that the summit inspires.

To find out more about our sustainability policies, or to enquire about ordering please visit our contact page here.


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