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Countdown to COP26 - Collaboration and Climate Change

The fourth and final goal of COP26 focuses on the concept of collaboration, and states that we can only rise to the challenges of climate change by working together.

At DAABON UK, we believe this means everyone! In order for climate change to be effectively addressed, every individual needs to take responsibility and make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint by behaving and acting in a more environmentally-friendly way.

This, of course, includes businesses. We are committed to sustainability and believe it’s important that we play our part in fighting the global climate crisis. In the final part of this three-part blog series, we’ll be exploring the fourth goal of COP26 and will be sharing how the ways in which we operate are actively fulfilling it.

Climate Change is Everyone’s Problem

Climate change effects everyone. The complex challenges prompted by rising temperatures, sea levels and pollution impact all people regardless of their economic status, race and geographical location.

While it is a global issue, some places and people are impacted more than others. This is especially true for developing countries lacking the infrastructure to deal with the physical and social consequences - such as increased frequency of extreme weather events and land erosion. Over time, these can lead to migration and displacement.

It is therefore essential that all countries come together to manage the increasing impacts of climate change on their citizens’ lives. From ensuring an active discourse around this topic is maintained, through to more practical steps such as finding the appropriate funding to facilitate change and solutions – working together is crucial.

Working Together to Deliver Change

The fourth goal of COP26 - “Working Together to Deliver” - stipulates that all countries must finalise the rules needed to implement the Paris Agreement. This agreed they would work to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius (preferably to 1.5 degrees) compared to pre-industrial levels.

At DAABON UK, we believe that collaboration should go beyond government – which is why we’re working together as a business, within the group, and with organisations around the world, to support this objective.

Doing Our Part at DAABON

We have implemented a wide range of policies designed to improve our sustainability and which align with the goals of COP26.

For example, we are helping reduce global temperatures through our recycling and net zero

policies. We reuse virtually every kilogram of waste generated at our palm oil mills for composting or as biomass for boilers, and are on track to achieve Net Zero 15 years early.

Other DAABON group companies are doing their part as well – Soapworks are promoting the use of sustainable ingredients and packaging in toiletries and beauty products through the launch of a brand-new signature bar for COP26 - read more here.

Collaboration in Practice

We also acknowledge the value of working together, and take care to put people and communities first.

We have six guiding SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in place, and have also partnered with other like-minded leaders to form the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) to work together to innovate more earth-friendly, society-promoting ways of producing palm. We also help companies in the industry implement these best practices as they evolve. Outside of the business, we’ve joined up with leading organisations such as Amazon, Microsoft, Unilever and more by signing The Climate Pledge – committing to achieving net zero carbon emissions across our global operations by 2040.

Other sustainable accreditations we have include Rainforest Alliance, SPOTT, and RSPO.

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